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ShakeOut News

05/17/2016: 3.9 earthquake shakes area near Gerlach (Reno Gazette-Journal)
05/05/2016: University's Seismology Lab Hosts 800 Experts, Focuses on Preparedness (KUNR)
04/30/2016: Utah, Arizona and Nevada meet in earthquake country (The Salt Lake Tribune)
04/19/2016: The Latest: Ecuador says death toll from quake jumps to 413 (
04/19/2016: Ecuador counts over 400 quake deaths, damage in the billions (
04/19/2016: Aftershocks Rattle Japan as Deaths From Quakes Rise to 45 (The New York Times)
04/19/2016: Dramatic Rescue Amid Rubble Gives Ecuador Hope for Survivors (The New York Times)
04/19/2016: Preparing for the Big One (Huffington Post)
04/19/2016: More aftershocks feared in wake of Kumamoto quake (
04/19/2016: Japan Earthquake: 'I Thought I Was Going to Die' (The New York Times)
02/18/2016: Big Pine temblors reminder of 1872 Owens Valley earthquake (Record Courier)
01/26/2016: UNR Lab: Thousands Of Earthquakes Strike Nevada In 2015 (KNPR)
01/09/2016: Face the State
01/09/2016: Face the State
10/13/2015: UNR prepares for the Great Nevada ShakeOut (The Nevada SageBrush)
05/29/2015: San Andreas, The Movie: 5 Geology Facts Versus Fictions (Science 2.0)
05/29/2015: UNR lab director separates facts from earthquake fiction in movie 'San Andreas' (Carson Now)
10/17/2014: Great Nevada Shakeout Prepares Students (KOLO 8)
10/16/2014: Schools, businesses take part in Great Nevada ShakeOut (My News 3)
10/16/2014: What you should do during earthquakes (
10/16/2014: Great Nevada ShakeOut aims to make sure residents are ready (KTNV ABC Channel 13)
10/16/2014: The "Great Shake Out" Rocks Nevada Today (Public News Service)
10/16/2014: News 4 Daily Planner - Thursday, October 16 (My News 4)
10/16/2014: "Great ShakeOut" In Nevada Today (Public News Service)
10/14/2014: Great Nevada ShakeOut (My News 3)
10/07/2014: How to prepare for earthquakes in the Silver State (My News 4)
10/06/2014: 3.1 quake today near Pyramid Lake one of many (see map)
10/05/2014: Overnight 3.6-magnitude quake jolts Vegas (Tucson News Now )
10/03/2014: Make Your ShakeOut Drill a Success - Just 2 Weeks Away! (Nevada Business)
09/01/2014: Nevada Division of Emergency Management: Preparing the Silver State (Nevada Business)
07/18/2014: Experts say earthquake risk in Northern Nevada same as a decade ago (My News 4)
10/17/2013: Half a million Nevadans join counterparts worldwide in Great ShakeOut earthquake drill (Daily Journal)
10/17/2013: Magnitude-3.6 earthquake shakes northern Utah (Find Law)
10/17/2013: Nevadans Prepare for a Major Earthquake (8 News NOW)
10/17/2013: Nevada participating in international quake drill (Reno Gazette-Journal(AP))
10/17/2013: Great Shakeout prepares area for earthquake activity (My News 4)
10/17/2013: How prepared are you? (Daily Sparks Tribune)
10/17/2013: Students go under cover in quake drill (Nevada Appeal)
10/16/2013: The Great Nevada Shakeout (My News 4)
10/16/2013: Nevadans ready for rumble with annual earthquake drill (Las Vegas Sun)
10/16/2013: Nevadans encouraged to participate in Thursday Great ShakeOut earthquake drill (Carson Now)
10/16/2013: Statewide earthquake drill today (Elko Daily Free Press)
10/15/2013: Great Nevada ShakeOut Scheduled for Thursday (KTVN Channel 2)
10/15/2013: Great Nevada ShakeOut Scheduled for Thursday (KTVN Channel 2)
10/11/2013: Schools Practice Quake Shakeout (KOLO)
10/11/2013: Schools Practice Quake Shakeout (KOLO)
10/10/2013: Schools Practice Shakeout (KOLO)
10/10/2013: Schools Practice Shakeout (KOLO)
10/10/2013: The Great ShakeOut drill: Do you know what to do when an earthquake strikes? (The Ismaili)
10/10/2013: The Great ShakeOut drill: Do you know what to do when an earthquake strikes? (Global BC)
09/19/2013: Sign up for Great Nevada ShakeOut (Lake Tahoe News)
09/17/2013: Earthquake drills – why not take part in the Great ShakeOut? (Industrial Fire Journal - Fire & Rescue)
09/05/2013: PrepareAThon Gets Residents Ready for Emergencies (NBC Washington)
09/04/2013: USGS: September Is National Preparedness Month (Earth Imaging Journal)
09/03/2013: September: National Preparedness Month (Erosion Control)
08/30/2013: September is National Preparedness Month (Distributed Energy)
08/26/2013: 4.2 magnitude quake connected to October 2012 swarm (My News 4)
08/25/2013: “Secure Your Space” to Get Ready for the “Great ShakeOut” (PRWeb)
06/20/2013: Take Control Earthquakes are Inevitable but they Need Not be Disasters (Noodls-USA)
04/21/2013: Quake drill in Himalayan schools a big hit (The Hindu Business Line)
04/09/2013: Clark County firefighters lead students in earthquake drill (KTNV ABC Channel 13)
03/06/2013: Do 1 Thing March: Sheltering (Public Health Matters Blog - CDC Blogs)
11/07/2012: Working hard to ensure your child's safety (North Lake Tahoe Bonanza)
10/25/2012: All shook up (
10/18/2012: The earthquake hits at 10:18 a.m. today (
10/18/2012: Hundreds of Thousands Take Part in 'Great Nevada Shakeout' (ABC News Radio)
10/18/2012: U.S. plans huge quake drill (Windsor Star)
10/18/2012: Earthquake drill taking place today (KTNV ABC)
10/18/2012: Today, Worldwide: Earthquake Drills (Newser)
10/18/2012: Nevada participating in Great Nevada ShakeOut today (KTNV ABC)
10/18/2012: Earthquake drill is at 10:18 a.m. today (The Journal Gazette)
10/18/2012: Great Shakeout encourages people to participate in earthquake drill (My News 4)
10/18/2012: California And Other State Preparing For Earthquakes With ‘Great ShakeOut’ (CBS Sacramento)
10/18/2012: US, several countries preparing for earthquakes (Fox Rio 2)
10/18/2012: Get Ready To Rumble…But For Now It’s Only A Drill (My FOX LA)
10/18/2012: Local Schools Prepare for Possible Earthquakes with Drill (WHSV)
10/18/2012: Maryland among states practicing earthquakes preparations (
10/18/2012: Students work on earthquake preparedness drills in Shakeout (My News 3)
10/18/2012: The Great Nevada ShakeOut (KOLO)
10/18/2012: Nevada Shakeout: Schools Go Into Earthquake Prep Mode (KTVN Channel 2)
10/18/2012: Calif., other states take part in earthquake drill .com (Washington Examiner (AP))
10/18/2012: 'Great Nevada ShakeOut' earthquake drill coming in October (Daily Sparks Tribune)
10/18/2012: Great Nevada ShakeOut promotes earthquake safety (FOX5 Vegas - KVVU)
10/18/2012: Earthquake Drill Sends Students Under Their Desks (8 News NOW)
10/18/2012: Great Nevada ShakeOut Shakes Students (KOLO)
10/18/2012: Great ShakeOut: Millions to Participate in Multi-State Quake Drill (ABC News Radio)
10/17/2012: More participants sought for 'Great Nevada ShakeOut' (
10/17/2012: County, schools, others to takepart in 'Great Nevada ShakeOut' (
10/17/2012: County, schools, others to take part in 'Great Nevada ShakeOut' (
10/17/2012: Amica Insurance Offers Earthquake Safety Tips for Tomorrow's Great ShakeOut (Benzinga)
10/17/2012: Great ShakeOut teaches quake preparation (SFGate)
10/17/2012: ShakeOut preparing for big one (Concord Monitor (AP))
10/17/2012: Millions to take part in 'earthquake' drill (
10/16/2012: More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs, Nevada (Before It's News)
10/16/2012: Great Nevada 'ShakeOut' set for Thursday (Carson Now)
10/16/2012: Local, state leaders look to see earthquake preparedness (My News 3)
10/16/2012: Register now for “Great Nevada ShakeOut” public earthquake drill (This is Reno)
10/16/2012: Prepare for earth changes: Millions worldwide join 'Great ShakeOut' Oct. 18 ( - California)
10/16/2012: The 'big one' coming here on Thursday for quake drill (Las Vegas Review-Journal (AP))
10/16/2012: Amica Insurance Offers Earthquake Safety Tips for Tomorrow’s Great ShakeOut (PRWeb)
10/15/2012: Earthquake drill set Thursday (Chatham Star Tribune)
10/15/2012: Preparing For Nevada's Next Big One (KTVN Channel 2)
10/15/2012: The University’s featured events for Monday, Oct. 15 – Friday, Oct. 19 (This is Reno)
10/15/2012: Clark County prepared to ‘drop, cover and hold on’ as part of earthquake drill (Las Vegas Sun)
10/15/2012: Earthquake awareness heightens in Sparks (Daily Sparks Tribune)
10/15/2012: Dos and don'ts of earthquake safety (My News 4)
10/15/2012: Earthquakes North Of Spanish Springs (KOLO)
10/15/2012: The Great Nevada Shakeout (American Banking News)
10/15/2012: Millions Participating in Great ShakeOut Drills (Occupational Health & Safety)
10/14/2012: More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs (My News 4)
10/14/2012: More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs (My News 4)
10/12/2012: Get Ready to ShakeOut on October 18 (Paramus Post)
10/12/2012: Get Ready to ShakeOut on October 18 (United States Geological Survey (USGS))
10/11/2012: USGS Podcast - ShakeOut Drill: Preparing for Earthquakes (United States Geological Survey (USGS))
10/03/2012: What would happen if an earthquake strikes Las Vegas? (Las Vegas Sun)
09/26/2012: School announcements: Night of All Nations, TMCC Book Drive and more (
09/20/2012: 'Great Nevada ShakeOut' earthquake drill coming in October (Daily Sparks Tribune)
09/13/2012: Presidential Proclamation -- National Preparedness Month (American Association Of School Administrarors)
08/30/2012: Marks Month of September, National Preparedness Month, as Perfect Time to Make a Plan and Build a Kit (PR Newswire)
08/14/2012: 11 Things to do Before (and After) an Earthquake Strikes (Popular Mechanics)
08/03/2012: State of Emergency – Surviving an Earthquake (Go Girlfriend)
10/21/2011: Great Nevada ShakeOut Scheduled for Thursday (Topix)
10/20/2011: 'Great Shakeout' Prepares Nevadans for The Big One (KTVN Channel 2)
10/20/2011: Students learn quake precautions during Great Nevada ShakeOut (
10/20/2011: Nevada Practices Earthquake Preparedness (KOLO)
10/20/2011: Great American Shakeout (American Banking News)
10/19/2011: “ShakeOut” Earthquake Drills To Take Place This Week (Red Orbit)
10/19/2011: Graham H. Kent: University plays vital role in earthquake preparedness (
10/18/2011: Drop! Cover! Hold On! "ShakeOut" Earthquake Drills to Take Place This Week (National Science Foundation)
10/18/2011: Community Invited to be Part of World’s Largest Earthquake Drill (FOXReno)
09/28/2011: 'Great ShakeOut' public earthquake drill registration begins (Carson Now)
09/27/2011: Register for “Great Nevada ShakeOut”;World's Largest Public Earthquake Drill (FOXReno)
08/23/2011: Be Prepared For The Big Earthquake (FOXReno)
04/23/2011: Earthquake preparedness lacking at Tahoe, researcher warns (Sierra Sun)
04/20/2011: University steps-up monitoring after Hawthorne quake swarm (UNR)
04/18/2011: Swarm of 400 quakes hits near Hawthorne, Nev.; outpaces 2008 Mogul-Somersett (Yuba Net)
10/22/2010: NV Schools practice earthquake drills (My News 4 - KRNV, Reno, NV)
10/22/2010: Washoe County Schools, University of Nevada, Reno participate in quake ShakeOut drill (
10/21/2010: Prompting earthquake awareness through the Great ShakeOut (abc 13 Action News)
10/21/2010: State-wide earthquake drill happens today (My News 4 - KRNV, Reno, Nevada)
10/21/2010: Nevada Participates in Great ShakeOut Drill (KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe)
10/21/2010: First "Great Nevada ShakeOut" huge success (University of Nevada, Reno University Media Relations)
10/21/2010: Great Nevada Shakeout Teaches Kids Quake Safety (KOLOTV)
10/21/2010: First "Great Nevada ShakeOut" huge success (University of Nevada, Reno News)
10/20/2010: Nevada to Participate in Statewide Quake Drill Thursday (KTVN 2 News)
10/19/2010: Nevada television and radio stations: please transmit the "Drill Broadcast" (University of Nevada, Reno University Media Relations)
10/19/2010: This is only a drill; Nevadans to take part in earthquake test (RGJ)
10/18/2010: Nevadans join ShakeOut (The Laughlin Nevada Times)
10/14/2010: Great Nevada ShakeOut next week is a drill to help Nevadans know what to do when a quake hits (
10/14/2010: Great Nevada ShakeOut next week is a drill to help Nevadans know what to do when a quake hits (Reno Gazette-Journal)
10/07/2010: Great Nevada ShakeOut Scheduled for October 21st (KTVN Channel 2 Reno)
10/04/2010: Register now as Nevada joins geologic neighbor California for "Great ShakeOut" (This is Reno)

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